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Biggest wave in Entertainment & Media

Nearly 75% of all US households have at least one CTV device in their household







What is Connected TV?

How is it different from OTT(Over the top Media) ?

Connected TV refers to a device that allows its users to stream video content through the internet to their television as opposed to traditional cable connection. Apple TV and Roku are likely the two most famous examples of this type of device.

OTT is short for “over the top,” on the other hand refers to any video content that is streamed by a user directly from the Internet. This can happen on a desktop or laptop computer, or on a smartphone, tablet, or other types of mobile devices.

Most Engaged Audience

Captive Audience who are actively engaging with the content

How Connected TV works?

When someone wants to buy CTV advertising, they will use a DMP to gather audience data on their specific targets. That information is then fed into a DSP with other campaign information, such as price and flight dates. The DSP connects to the SSP and starts shopping.


Data Management Platform



Supply Side Platform

Demand Side Platform

DMPs sit in the middle between buyers and sellers and collect first, second, and third-party data to help with targeting.

DSPs warehouses all the ad inventory from various publishers through ad exchanges and make them accessible to buyers.

SSPs facilitates selling CTV Ad Impressions through automated auctions, when there's a match, sales happen.

Win with Demand Local

Premium Ad Environments

We go beyond industry best practices to secure the highest quality inventory by diligently hand picking publishers from private markets.

Cross-Device Continuity

Deliver seamless Ad experience to the same user across devices and make meaningful measurements using cross-device attribution.

94% Plus Completion Rates

Engaged audiences and assurance your message has been received in full 

Big Screen, Big Impact

Optional large screen only device selection for maximum resolution.

Data-Informed Targeting

Transcend linear television with precise, granular targeting of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data.

Comprehensible Reporting

Measure success using digital or traditional media planning and KPls



Reach hyper-relevant large screen audiences with Amazon’s unmatchable targeting capabilities. The only OTT DSP with built-in first-party Consumer Data.

CTV / OTT Advertising Strategies & Tactics

We aim to provide you with the best guidance so you can build a successful CTV/OTT strategy for your automotive clients. We’ll take you through everything that your boss wants you to know about CTV Advertising Strategy. From media buying to analytics, you have your work cut out for you if you’re getting started in this space.

CTV / OTT Technological Landscape

Having to learn and navigate the world of Connected TV can easily get you lost in the weeds. You need an expert to navigate the world of Connected TV advertising.

Connected TV is the biggest wave Automotive Advertisers have witnessed

At Demand Local, we aim to educate and provide strategies to Executives and Sales Professionals in Auto Advertising & Marketing for them to grow and scale their businesses. Talk to the experts at Demand Local to learn how you can take advantage of our powerful CTV marketing tools.

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