Vehicle Ads gives you unparalleled advantage

over any other ad format 

Green tick iconQuality Leads: No more time or resources wasted on unqualified prospects. We deliver leads ready to buy.

Green tick iconMaximized Exposure: Stand out at the top of search results, extending your reach.

Green tick iconSmart Targeting: Hassle-free campaign customization, targeting those most likely to convert.

Green tick iconLower CPC: Vehicle Ads offer 50% lower Cost Per Click compared to traditional iSEM.

Green tick iconLive Inventory: Ads are dynamically updated, featuring only cars currently in stock.

Green tick iconMobile-Optimized: Engaging, swipe-friendly ad design for a seamless mobile experience featuring car thumbnails for an instant glimpse

Green tick iconOmnichannel ROAS: Comprehensive tracking of website conversions and store visits for precise ROI.

Green tick iconAI-Powered: Machine learning drives SEM campaigns, matching user queries with your relevant inventory.

Green tick iconDual Strategy: Pairing iSEM and Vehicle Ads is a best practice for maximum visibility and potential double listing.

Explore the Product Brief to learn more and step into the future of automotive advertising today.

Check out the Product Brief to learn more

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