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Demand Local delivers performance advertising for auto dealers and agencies through our proprietary LinkOne technology platform. The key to successful marketing campaigns in today’s digital landscape is to create real relationships with customers and prospects using first-party data. LinkOne makes it fast and easy to connect your dealership’s CRM, DMS and vehicle inventory directly with digital marketing channels to create personalized campaigns that work. Track the results for yourself on a customized dashboard that showcases units sold, attributed sales, and revenue.

Integrated with key automotive dealer platforms and tools

How our technology platform works

Import target customers

Load first party data into the LinkOne platform for more effective targeting and improved results.

Create audiences

Use LinkOne’s audience enrichment and lookalike targeting to connect potential car buyers with their ideal vehicle on all platforms.

Observe results on-demand

Measure ad performance, lead conversions, sales matchback, and detailed reporting about audiences, allowing you to optimize for unique shoppers, VDP views, and overall performance.


Create trust with your marketing

LinkOne’s advanced customer data platform for automotive seamlessly integrates, consolidates, and refines a comprehensive dataset from all sources, including first, second, and third party.

Demand Local makes advertising easy for auto dealers and agencies like yours. With our LinkOne tech, you can create personalized campaigns effortlessly. Track your sales and revenue on a user-friendly dashboard tailored to your needs.

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