Buy Effective Mobile Ads With Registered Showroom Visits®

Measure When Customers Walk On To Your Lot After Seeing Your Mobile Ad.

Drive Registered Showroom Visits® With Our Effective Mobile Ads

Measure When Customers Walk On To Your Lot After Seeing Your Mobile Ad.

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Join top Agencies and Dealer Groups seeing success

Mobile Geofencing

Track from Impression to Walk-In with Registered Showroom Visits®.

Search Engine Marketing

Precise targeting and optimization to deliver the right clicks from top tier search engines.


Pre-roll, auto-play, click-to-play.

Inventory Marketing®

Market your inventory with our proprietary technology.

Display Advertising

Precision targeting. Unparalleled engagement.


Keep tabs on your digital marketing campaigns.

“Demand Local goes above and beyond handling our search engine marketing; they act as an extension of our team.”

“They fly out every other month to meet in person because they want to collaborate to actively make our marketing better. They don’t claim to be the end all and be all and know everything. They lay the groundwork, run frequent test campaigns, and analyze the data to see what works well and what doesn’t. They are a boutique digital marketing agency with a much higher level of service and customization than other automotive SEM providers out there. What matters to them is not taking over the world, but finding the right client partners and helping them find long-term success.”

– Brent Berge, Owner, Berge’s Riverview Toyota

Integrated with top industry partners

Mobile Geo-Fencing

Geo-fenced mobile ads drive engagement and foot traffic.

Demand Local® captures your local audience with custom Geo-Fences around your dealership. We’ll target by GPS coordinates, zip codes, cities, counties, and DMAs. You tell us precisely where to target and we’ll do the rest.

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Our ad technology is driving demand for healthcare, home improvement and finance as well.

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