Dynamic OTT

Our dynamic and personalized ads are tailored for each and every viewer, ensuring that your ads reach the right customers, every time.

Tailor creative ads to qualified viewers

An exciting solution that allows you to use the power of dynamic ad insertion for video. This gives you the ability to insert ads into videos in real-time, ensuring that qualified viewers are exposed to tailored ads that are most relevant to them.

Quality ad experiences

Increase both efficiency and quality for your ad experiences

Dynamic OTT maximizes your revenue by ensuring that qualified viewers are exposed to dynamic creative ads tailored specifically for the vehicles you have in stock.

By targeting the right viewers for the right vehicles, our platform helps to increase the quality of the ad experiences and maximize your revenue. Our platform ensures that you get the most out of each ad, maximizing your return on investment.

Improve ad performance & reach the right customers

Site-Visit Attribution

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign with verifiable tracking methods

Dynamic Creative

Tailored based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data for precision advertising

Cross-Device Retargeting

Serve OTT ads to prior website visitors across multiple devices and drive them back to your website

Realtime Updates

Only promote in-stock vehicles through video ad, and update prices automatically

Ready to drive traffic?

Our ad technology is driving demand for healthcare, home improvement and finance as well.

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