Amazon Streaming Radio

Reach 17 million monthly US listeners with Amazon Streaming Audio

Reach consumers during screen-free moments

Marketers can connect with their core demographic in a truly unique way with tailored content based on life stages, personalities and purchasing behavior – during those crucial screen-free moments like when they’re starting off their day or entertaining friends & family. Make sure your message reaches its intended audience at exactly the right time!


Tap into the growing audio ad market

With more people streaming audio content than ever before, audio ads are the perfect way to reach your target audience. Amazon Streaming Audio lets you reach 76% of the total ad-supported audio streaming hours on Alexa-enabled devices.

Get the most out of your audio ads

Impactful Messaging

With completion rate of 98%, your brand messaging will reach its audience and create long-lasting impressions

Audience Insights

 Precise insights into the success of every campaign you launch with us, so you can make tweaks to ensure peak performance

Closed-loop Attribution

Measure success beyond traditional methods through powerful closed-loop attribution insights

Context control for Safety

  Reach desired listeners without compromising safety standards with context control

Ready to drive traffic?

Our ad technology is driving demand for healthcare, home improvement and finance as well.

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