Healthcare Digital Marketing Solutions

Highly-segmented marketing across channels to connect better with those seeking your healthcare services

Pinpointed Target Driven Advertising

Advertising solutions to target specific audiences and to help healthcare providers fill their facilities with the right patients.

Our solutions are designed to reach a specific audience, making sure that healthcare seekers and patients can connect with the right doctor, and that healthcare providers are able to fill their facilities with the right patients.

We partnered with a top-tier healthcare chain specializing in Vision Clinics. We reduced the cost-per-click (CPC) by a 18% and achieved a 80% success rate in securing the first ad spot above organic search results. Plus, our click-through rate (CTR) exceeded the healthcare industry average by over 5X, at a remarkable 9.59% for LASIK ads and 6.45% for laser cataract ads.

CTR of Healthcare Industry Average
Absolute Top Impression Rate
Reduction in CPC


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Comprehensive Digital Solutions

At Demand Local, we understand that each healthcare provider has different needs and objectives. That’s why we tailor our campaigns to meet your specific needs. 

Our digital marketing solution extends across multiple healthcare services, including Pediatrics, Hospitals, Dental, Emergency Care, Urgent Care, and a large variety of medical specializations.

We also provide digital solutions for schools and universities, including Fall and Spring Enrollment, Transfer Students, Doctoral Programs, Masters Programs, Vocational Programs, Law, and specific school class filling.