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Measure When Customers Walk On To Your Lot After Seeing Your Mobile Ad.

We make it simpler to

sell more vehicles

Harness the power of first-party data and maximize ad performance

Demand Local’s LinkOne technology platform is ready to turbo boost your marketing efforts. Take the guess work out of effective, targeted campaigns by leveraging first-party data and connecting it across marketing platforms. We’re here to support auto groups and dealers, bringing deep expertise in the auto industry.

Engage your customers across multiple marketing channels using personalized campaigns

Dynamic Display Inventory Ads

Auto-updated, personalized ads leverage real-time inventory including year, make, model and price to enhance engagement and conversions. Run on Trade Desk and Amazon display networks.

Meta Inventory Carousel

Deliver personalized ads on Meta platforms, specifically targeting users who’ve expressed interest in your inventory through your website, app, or elsewhere on the internet.

Inventory SEM Ads and Google Vehicle Ads

Detail-rich, performance-driven ads on Google and Bing’s search platforms. Enrich customer experiences and generate high-quality leads.

Display, Mobile, OTT, Pre-roll

Maximize performance and gain insights using our multi-channel marketing integrations. Reach the right audience wherever they are, expand audiences from your first-party data. Our varied ad solutions increase brand visibility and customer engagement by delivering expansive reach across display ads, geofenced mobile, OTT, and pre-roll videos.

LinkOne is Demand Local’s digital marketing technology platform that filters and categorizes first-party data, linking it with marketing channels to execute personalized campaigns that drive results.

We remain experts in the automotive industry, understanding the unique needs
of dealers and dealer groups. We have what it takes to be successful.