Digital Audio

Maximize messaging across multiple media platforms.

Growth of digital audio

Digital Audio has massive reach and growing penetration among internet users: 181 million users will listen to digital audio media this year alone.


True one-to-one engagement to the user. No need to interact with device to engage with the digital message. Ads are on when screens are not.

Maximize messaging

Repurpose current traditional radio messaging for more consistent message delivery across multiple media platforms.

Audience reach

Access to 10,000+ digital audio players (live, podcast, simulcast, on demand) on both mobile and desktop devices.

Premium audiences

Subscription, behavioral, retargeting, geographic, demographic, category, device targeting, and more.

Custom reporting

Audio specific reporting KPIs including uniques, listen through rate (LTR), exposure time and companion banner clicks.

Ready to drive traffic?

Our ad technology is driving demand for healthcare, home improvement and finance as well.

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