Buy Effective Mobile Ads With Registered Showroom Visits®

Measure When Customers Walk On To Your Lot After Seeing Your Mobile Ad.

Deliver digital advertising results with our LinkOne platform

Your brand meets our expertise

Partnering with Demand Local means that everything’s included when you purchase online media.

Improve your agency’s ability to attract and retain customers by leveraging our expertise. Our in-house team is here to assist with analytics, website optimization, and other technical needs. We work hard. You look good.

100% white labeled solution

Demand Local becomes your secret weapon for offering new and innovative advertising to your customers.

Best-in-class reporting

Your team will have access to best-in-class methods and reporting for seamless client delivery.

Optimized for your goals

Demand Local® believes in a continual cycle of optimization based on your goals. Campaign performance is monitored daily to make sure you are delivering what is promised to your clients.

Manage dealership inventory marketing and optimize ad performance

Demand Local’s LinkOne technology platform is ready to turbo boost marketing efforts for your automotive clients.

Take the guess work out of effective, targeted campaigns by leveraging first-party data and connecting it across marketing platforms. We’re here to support agencies to serve dealers and dealer groups, bringing deep expertise in the auto industry.

Unified reporting that clearly demonstrates value

We’ve made monitoring campaign performance and reporting to your clients an easy process. Partnering with Demand Local gives you the ability to brand our proprietary reporting platform with your agency’s logo. You’ll get features that you and your clients need.

Bird’s eye agency view

See performance for all campaigns for all clients in one place.

Up-to-date reporting

For Mobile, Video, SEM, Display, and Inventory Marketing campaigns.

Individual dealer access

Option to give direct access to your clients to view their own reporting.

Track each campaign

Gain the ability to track and listen to phone calls for each campaigns.

Agency Branded Reports

Brand all reports with your agency’s logo and export quickly for offline access.

Our technology simplifies automotive digital marketing

Demand Local has the experience you want in a digital partnership.

We work directly with automotive dealers, dealer groups and agencies – so we understand your needs and expectations. Our automotive media experience provides unparalleled results, and drives our team to remain at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.