Drive attendance to your events

Drive attendance to your events

Demand Local provides multiple digital media initiatives for events ranging from concerts, performances, conventions and conferences to sporting events like football and basketball games and more. We get your advertising in front of the right people and drive them to your events. We do this by targeting mobile devices based on GPS, audience, location and any other parameters you specify.

Media plans have focused around but are not limited to pre-game, post-game, in stadium and tailgating for sporting events, and in venue plus around venue for concerts, conferences conventions and more.

Mobile Advertising

Track from Impression to Attendance with Registered Event Visits.

Search Engine Marketing

From searches to sales.


Pre-roll, auto-play, click-to-play.

Display Advertising.

Precision targeting. Unparalleled engagement.


Keep tabs on your digital marketing campaigns.

Ready to get more people attend your events?

Our ad technology is driving attendance at events around the nation.

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