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Measure When Customers Walk On To Your Lot After Seeing Your Mobile Ad. 

Registered Showroom Visits®

It’s here. Track customers from ad views to actual dealership visits.

We’ll tell you when mobile devices that showed your ad actually entered your dealership. From message to walk in, get tangible results that take your mobile game plan to the next level.

"Demand Local goes above and beyond handling our search engine marketing; they act as an extension of our team."

"They fly out every other month to meet in person because they want to collaborate to actively make our marketing better. They don’t claim to be the end all and be all and know everything. They lay the groundwork, run frequent test campaigns, and analyze the data to see what works well and what doesn’t. They are a boutique digital marketing agency with a much higher level of service and customization than other automotive SEM providers out there. What matters to them is not taking over the world, but finding the right client partners and helping them find long-term success."

- Brent Berge, Owner, Berge Toyota

A leading Auto Group sees 4.6X increase in CTR

With a combination of data analytics and high-velocity tests, we were able to increase CTRs up to 4.6X for one of the largest privately-owned luxury auto groups in the country.

CTR Industry Average

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Brands we work with

Walk-in Attribution
Accurately measure the actual showroom visits using Registered Showroom Visits.


Demand Local


Full-Service Marketing
Comprehensive suite of Multichannel digital marketing services that are 100% White Labeled.

Facebook Inventory
Rapidly Scalable Facebook Auto Inventory Advertising.

Instant Support
Dedicated team of experts for troubleshooting to resolutions.

Advanced Reporting
Dashboard tailored based on the KPIs required by the dealership.


Multiple Rooftop Auto Dealership in Tri-State region

which has been in business foor over 30 years sees great success with Connected TV Advertising campaigns with over 96% View-through-rates at a rate of $0.03 Cost-per-completed View.



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Hyper-Targeted Digital Solutions

Our cutting-edge digital solutions enable precise targeting of your audience, allowing you to reach even the most hyper-targeted segments of the automotive industry. With our unmatched capabilities, you can be sure that your ad campaigns will be seen by potential car buyers who are interested in EVs.

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