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Succeed in the EV Market with Demand Local

Innovative Advertising Solutions to Make You Stand Out in the EV Market

Since 2005, Demand Local has been a leader within the automotive industry, providing cost-effective solutions that are both innovative and media-efficient

We help manufacturers, associations & dealerships of all sizes—from regional to national level—build brand awareness and grow their sales across retail, commercial & B2B markets.

Years’ worth of data collected gives us a competitive edge when targeting prospective EV buyers: 15 years’ experience understanding customers’ online auto shopping behavior keeps us one step ahead for finding smart ways to reach them.

The Demand Local EV Team

Work with a team that understands the EV Market

Our Vice President of Automotive Sales & Marketing and our Vice President Of Agency Partnerships have been at the cutting edge of automotive digital media from day one at Demand Local, with their combined automotive experience totaling more than 30 years. They’re recognized as thought leaders within the industry with formidable insight and expertise in strategic planning, brand development, execution & new buyer acquisition.

Tune Your marketing to resonate with the EV audience

Hyper-Targeted Digital Solutions

Our cutting-edge digital solutions enable precise targeting of your audience, allowing you to reach even the most hyper-targeted segments of the automotive industry. With our unmatched capabilities, you can be sure that your ad campaigns will be seen by potential car buyers who are interested in EVs.

Cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative solutions
Comprehensive omnichannel media executions
Expertise in automotive retail and EV buyers
Achieve market awareness, sales growth, and brand growth