Regional Quick Service Restaurant Chain

Mobile geo-fencing campaign


Demand Local launched a mobile campaign for a Regional Quick Service Restaurant Chain to drive consumers to their restaurants during the winter of 2016-2017. To increase location awareness, we geo-targeted people within a three mile radius of each restaurant in the North Carolina and Virginia markets, and served them with a coupon. We tracked when customers entered their restaurants after seeing an ad with Quick Service Restaurants Visits (QSRVs).

We efficiently drove restaurant visits, reducing our cost per QSRV by 65% from Dec to Jan. Over the course of three months (December, January and March) we were able to generate:




Oct: 925
Nov: 840
Dec: 455


Cost per QSRVs

Oct: $11.89
Nov: $4.17
Dec: $7.69

1,495 $51.72

per QSRVs by Market

ENC QSVRs: 1,495 $51.72 per QSRV
VA QSRVs: 725 $9.66 per QSRV

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