Drive attendance to your sporting event with Demand Local’s comprehensive Digital Marketing

Bring more fans to your game day

Demand Local provides multiple digital media initiatives for sporting events ranging from college and professional football and basketball games, cheerleading competitions, soccer, and more. We get your advertising in front of the right people and drive attendance to your game day.

We do this by targeting mobile devices based on GPS, the audience, location and any other parameters you specify. We can even target precise segments like adult fans of NFL in Detroit, hispanic soccer fans, middle-age pro-football fans in Michigan, and much more.



Mobile Advertising

Track from Impression to game-day ticket purchase.

Search Engine Marketing

From searches to ticket sales.


Pre-roll, auto-play, click-to-play.

Display Advertising.

Precision targeting. Unparalleled engagement.


Keep tabs on your digital marketing campaigns.

Ready to drive more fans to your game-day?

Our ad technology is driving fans to sports stadiums and events across the nation.

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