Narayan Prasath

Growth Marketing Manager

At Demand Local

Narayan joined the Demand Local team in May, 2019 and serves as a Growth Marketing Manager.


Prior to joining Demand Local, Narayan worked at Reduxio as a Search Marketing Associate. Prior to that, he honed digital experience at Reduxio. He started his career as an infrastructure engineer at Fidelity Investments. His passion for storytelling led him to take on creative roles in a VFX company where he worked with several independent film-makers and start-ups helping them tell their story. He moved to San Francisco in 2015 for his masters and soon got captivated with Growth Marketing.

Education and More

Narayan was born and raised in Madras before moving to San Francisco. He holds a Masters in International Business degree from Hult Business School, SF, and Bachelors in Information Technology from SRM, Madras.

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