Mad Marketing: A Beginners’ Guide To Agency Partnerships



Working with an agency or other advertising partners can be very beneficial. You have a team of dedicated, experienced professionals on your side. But, if you aren’t familiar with space – or are very brand new to online advertising – you may not be making the most out of your partnership.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while working with any advertising agency:

1. Define your goals early on, and know-how they will be tracked; Do you want online engagement, phone calls, email leads, etc? When your goals are pinned down, make sure you understand how they will be tracked. There are many analytics platforms and other services available to keep track of your onsite activity, but success must be defined before it can be measured.

2. Understand your audience. If you are trying to sell to teenagers, don’t advertise on AARP; if you are trying to sell to seniors, don’t advertise on Instagram. Craft your ad content to appeal to your primary segment.

3. Be flexible. While digital marketing is very data-driven, it’s easy to forget that we are dealing with human beings. A slow day online doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. On the flip side, a sudden spike in traffic doesn’t necessarily mean your adverting efforts are paying off. There are a lot of outside factors that can impact your analytics data – such as breaking news or seasonal trends. When in doubt, ask questions!

4. If you are going to advertise on mobile, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Check your site from your own phone, then make someone else check it. Only advertise on mobile if you both agree that the site works well on mobile devices.

5. If you don’t understand a term or a concept, just ask. We are always willing to sit down with clients and go over anything they may have questions on. In fact, we encourage it!

At the end of the day, make sure you are comfortable with your agency and the level of service provided.

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