Don’t Miss The Mark On Serious Mobile Shoppers


Think mobile shoppers aren’t serious? Think again. In a recent study conducted by the automotive website, it was found that mobile users are, indeed, serious shoppers.

According to the report, mobile users are engaging in five relevant behaviors:

  1. Shopping
  2. Viewing inventory
  3. Clicking on ads
  4. Submitting leads
  5. Consuming content (page views)

If your site isn’t prepared for mobile visitors, you may be missing out on traffic, leads and, of course, sales. We’ve covered the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, but your site needs to be more than simply accessible from mobile devices – it needs to encourage serious shopping.

Here are our top three tips to optimize your mobile plan:

1. Make sure your inventory pages are easily viewable from mobile devices. According to the report, mobile visitors “actively engage in key lower funnel shopping activities,” including viewing the inventory of actual vehicles for sale nearby. Mobile visitors also view about “9% more inventory pages on average, per person than wired inventory viewers.” Consider investing in responsive web design, making sure your font is big enough and easily viewed from small screens, and that all of your pictures and videos are quickly rendered on mobile devices.

2. Include mobile-specific ad copy in your search campaigns. The Edmunds report found that “mobile users are at least 2.5 times more likely to click on ads than wired site visitors.” Concise mobile messaging, targeting the specific needs of mobile shoppers, can encourage clicks – and get more people to your site.

3. Make it easy for mobile visitors to connect with you. Consider “click-to-call” buttons, short lead forms and even text capabilities. According to the report, close rates on non-traditional leads such as call and text “match or exceed traditional lead close rates.”






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