Flash-No-More: Chrome to stop auto-playing Flash ads


Starting on September 1st, Google Chrome will no longer auto-play Flash ads by default. Google has been working with Adobe to “intelligently pause content that aren’t central to the webpage” in order to improve user experience and save laptop battery power. There will be no effect on Flash content that users choose to view, such as what runs in embedded video players. (Of course if you’re desperate to view a Flash ad, you can right-click the ad and select “Run this.”)

For advertisers, this means converting ads from Flash to the recommended HTML5, or even sticking with a static jpg. Not doing so would result in ads either not viewed at all, or viewed at a sub-optimal level.

Demand Local is opting for the HTML5 switch and now automatically converts all Flash files before launching them. With most mobile phones already opting for a Flash-less existence, and Firefox declaring an all-out war against the software back in July, it was only a matter of time before Google jumped on board.

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