Generation Why: Selling to Millennial Auto Shoppers


Millennials are changing the face of automotive shopping. They are less loyal to automotive brands, they spend more time researching on digital, and they don’t consider owning a vehicle to be a status symbol.

Though millennials aren’t as into car ownership as their parents, they bought more vehicles than the oft-compared Gen Xers this year, which has car dealers clamoring to figure out what makes them tick.

Want to reel in those millennial shoppers? Here are a few tips to get started:

Personalize the buying experience

Millennial auto shoppers are armed with over 16 hours of research and have often made their decision long before setting foot on the lot. Over 70% of millennial auto shoppers will purchase exactly the vehicle they had in mind when they walked in.

Quick Tip: Stop selling! Instead, make them an offer they can’t refuse and create a scenario in which it makes sense to purchase the vehicle now instead of waiting.

Use social media appropriately

Millennials use social media for a lot of things – but buying cars is not one of them. “Only 5% of Millennials use social sites as a car-shopping resource.” Having a social media presence is still important; not having one can be suspicious, but millennials are skeptical of automotive brands that utilize social media to market to them.

Quick Tip: Use social media to reach out to customers, address specific issues and interact on a more personal level. Many companies across multiple channels are utilizing their social media channels as customer service representatives. I find this strategy to be very effective and it could give you an edge on your competition. After all, what is better marketing than showing how well you take care of your customers?

Don’t disregard the mobile version of your site

In a recent AutoTrader survey, over one-third of millennial auto shoppers said they would “think less” of an auto brand that doesn’t have a functioning mobile site. Mobile devices play a huge role in how consumers research new vehicles so a clean and useful mobile interface is a no-brainer.

Quick Tip: To gain respect and, ultimately, the business of a millennial auto shopper, make sure your site is easy to access and navigate from mobile devices.

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