Use Inventory VDP Marketing To Generate Actual Sales & Not Just Views


Here is a little know fact in the Automotive Industry. Demand Local pioneered Inventory VDP Marketing 12 years ago. In fact, the Trademark for Inventory Marketing sits framed and proudly displayed in our office. At the time Dealer used inventories were high and one of Demand Local’s Ad Agency clients who worked with several of the largest volume Toyota Dealers in the nation posed a question to Co-Founders Ray & Mike – “These guys need help with moving their used outside of AutoTrader &, can we figure out a way to advertise each piece of used inventory via paid SEM?” Three days later the technology for feed-based dynamic inventory was developed and quietly adopted by two of the largest Toyota dealers in the United States while the majority of car dealers at the time were still adopting basic Search Engine Marketing, trying not to have their all flash-based BZ Website crash every 24 hours, and working with the local newspaper.

And guess what? Those guys sold ALOT of used vehicles.

So gradually years later this type of SEM became an adopted standard, VDP Views became a mainstream metric, and companies built their entire business model upon it – who remembers Haystack?

According to Google, more than half of online searches contain 3 or more keywords. It’s estimated that 70% of relevant queries are not matched by exact keywords. That can make it difficult to build a search strategy that relies on building extensive keyword lists. No matter how long your list is, you may still be missing the very customer you are trying to target. In plainer words the guy who is looking for your 2019 under 30,000 Chevy Silverado 2500 and doing sentence-long searches to find it. There are two types of buyers – those who do general “I’m not quite sure what I want but I want a truck” searches and the buyer who knows EXACTLY what he wants and will do extensive make model trim mileage etc searches until they find it.

How Does Dynamic Search Work?

Instead of traditional keyword bidding, dynamic search creates headlines from inventory feeds and landing pages to match relevant search terms. When a relevant search happens, ads are dynamically generated. Headlines are created based on the search and the text from the most relevant landing page. It then goes into the auction to compete with other ads from other advertisers.

The ads that populate are of greater relevance to those searching, which then quickly directs users to find the products they are searching for right on your site.

How does it sell vehicles?

Simply put it matches your vehicle directly with the user who is searching for it. When this is done with specific match type modifiers, keyword terms with higher quality score, and a strong negative match list it drastically increases sales simply by generating more leads, more phone calls, and more walk-ins on the vehicles you have. Dynamic inventory search works with your inventory management system to keep your vehicle listings current. This allows you to stop spending on ads for vehicles that are no longer on the lot. It eliminates waste. This generates QUALITY VDP views and those are what sale vehicles.

This method of SEM enables you to capture traffic from long-tail keywords and really reach qualified buyers. As online users do vehicle research, they may start with broad keywords. Remember, a search engine’s goal is to serve the most relevant content per what the user is searching for. If you have a specific vehicle a consumer wants, the search engine wants to point users directly to that vehicle.

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