Improving Efficiency and Conversion with Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising

Improving Efficiency and Conversion with Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising

When it comes to marketing effectively, it’s all about relevancy. The more personalized and relevant your ad message is, the more effective it will be.

Dynamic advertising automatically creates ads that display available inventory. By showing daily live inventory, you can make sure you are showcasing the most up-to-date products. This prevents wasting ad dollars for products that are no longer available or resorting to generic ads.

What is Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising?

Dynamic inventory display advertising goes beyond basic customization. Rather than filling generic ads using only user data, dynamic inventory ads use AI, machine learning, and data to serve the most relevant content in real-time. Content is optimized automatically to present product-specific listings that are most likely to lead to conversations.

It’s especially effective for sellers that have large numbers of products or have regular turnover in inventory. The auto industry, for example, has seen significant results from dynamic ads.  Since 92% of buyers research online before they purchase, dynamic inventory display advertising optimizes exposure to specific vehicles that match search parameters, prior product views, or buyer intent.

How does Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising work?

When a user visits a specific VDP (Vehicle Description Page) on a dealer’s website, an ad cookie is placed and tracked. As the visitor continues online, they are retargeted with an ad unit. While such ad tracking technology is common, what’s different with dynamic inventory display ads is that the creative and content is modified automatically to show not just generic ads, but specific content based on product inventory.

For example, someone that looks at a specific vehicle on an auto dealer’s site would then see automatically created, retargeted ads for the car they looked at earlier along with similar models.   When they click on the ad, they are taken directly to the inventory page, which results in a VDP view.

What are the challenges that Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising is solving?

Targeted display advertising campaigns can get complex quickly. To be effective, you need a wide variety of creatives to personalize the experience for potential customers. Most advertisers wind up creating a handful of generic ads or spend a significant amount of time and money to create a library of ads. Then, they rely on keyword targeting and customer data to target these ads. However, these display ads aren’t customized to specific product listings.

Dynamic inventory ads dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness. Whether the dynamic ads are shown on websites, social media such as Facebook, or elsewhere, they display specific product-level information.

Creative is customized to each individual user. Every impression can be different without the painstaking task of creating custom ads for every shopper. These dynamic display ads significantly increase CTR (Click Through Rate). Retargeting accelerates clicks even further.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Inventory Display Advertising?

Dynamic inventory connects directly to product inventory. That makes sure you won’t show products that are out of stock or sold. 

For auto dealers, it syncs with your VDP and then displays VIN-specific information. These VIN ads are created automatically and pull in detail, pricing, photos, and other pertinent vehicle information. Think of it as VDP marketing.

Dynamic ads are created to retarget visitors to dealer sites, or they can be served based on targeting information, such as past online behavior, search history, demographics, or auto intenders. They can be used in hyper-relevant geo-targeting and retargeting campaigns.

Dynamic Inventory Displays Ads are more effective

It’s no wonder dynamic ads are more effective. 72% of online shoppers now report that they will only engage with ads that are personalized and customized to their interests. People have become adept at tuning out advertising. Personalized ads that reflect recent visits to product pages or landing pages increase visibility.They may be blind to banners, but they see – and engage – with dynamic inventory display ads.

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