Know Your Visitors? Create Personalized Content That Sticks


Consumers are expecting real-time content personalization when they visit a web page, and marketers are responding to the demand. In fact, over half of all US marketers are focusing on it, according to new research.

Recent polling by Researchscape for Evergage found that 58% of marketers worldwide used real-time personalization – defined as data-driven personalization completed in less than 1 second.”

The main venue for personalization, according to 44% of those polled, was websites. Mobile websites trailed at 17%, followed by web apps and mobile apps at 13% and 9%, respectively. The poll also showed that pop-ups were the most popular type of personalized content, with 53% of respondents using them.

Auto dealers can focus on content personalization on their own sites by getting to know their visitors. Take a deep dive into your analytics and learn where your visitors are coming from, the devices they are using to get there, and the pages they spend the most time on. Then, use this information to create content that is more likely to grab visitor attention – and, hopefully, create customers.

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