Lower-Funnel Marketing for Lead Generation


The lower-funnel is the result of all your marketing efforts, the fruits of your labor. This is where the warmest set of leads reside. They are very close to purchase and are on the verge of converting, but they are also being targeted by your competitors. Obviously, the main aim of generating traffic and leads is to nurture and convert them into revenue-generating customers. That means having a solid marketing strategy for every stage of the funnel by understanding the buyer’s behavior at each stage.

As you follow the customer through their car-buying journey, you will see them visiting individual VDPs of the vehicles they are interested in. This is when you want to leverage dynamic inventory marketing to keep people coming back. If they have to visit a VDP 50 times before they stop in for a test drive, then that’s what it takes.

When they’re closer to the bottom of the funnel, it makes sense to advertise on their preferred platform rather than spreading your efforts out. You can use mobile dynamic inventory display to convert anonymous site visits into targeted ones on Facebook. (Please note that this strategy is specific to automotive dealers, and the algorithm works differently from other products.)

For better results with Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, work with an agency that has these capabilities built-in rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Your inventory database can be integrated to Facebook, and you can then show personalized ads to customers who are more likely to make a purchase. Use social proof to provide validity – case studies, testimonials are great at this stage to give a gentle nudge for the leads to convert.

To close the loop, add Facebook lead forms. This combination lets you capture lead information possibly even before you’ve retargeted customers to a VDP. This tactic gives your sales team a headstart and provides yet another meaningful touchpoint for your customers.

The right agency can help you custom build a bottom-funnel lead generation strategy that suits your business goals. With a combination of hyper-relevant digital solutions and the right set of bottom-funnel tactics, you can drastically increase conversions for your dealership, and see a substantial drop in cost-per-lead.

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