Mobile Search: The Final Frontier


Everyone in digital advertising seems to be talking about mobile. With mobile banner and pre-roll ads trumping the conversation, it’s easy for mobile search to get lost in the fray.

Last quarter saw a nearly 100% increase in mobile paid search over the same period in 2013. According to a recent eMarketer report, mobile will account for 85.9% of digital ad search dollars by 2018.

While Google is expected to lose some of its overall mobile search market share to Amazon, Kayak, and Indeed, it will still maintain a commanding 64.2%.

Here are a few tips to get on Google’s good side and run effective mobile search campaigns:

Be location specific

It’s important to set up a strong and useful geo. Targeting a DMA or 50 miles around a dealership might not be worthwhile. Do your research and set up a geo that makes sense for your campaign. Include location information in the ad itself to pack an extra punch. Mobile search ads increase in effectiveness when local information within the ad is coupled with location targeting.

Take advantage of urgency

Mobile users are used to instant gratification. They are on their phones while watching TV, while researching, and increasingly while on dealership lots. Take advantage of this relationship by appealing to their sense of urgency; give them the motivation and the resources to contact you quickly and easily.

Have a mobile friendly site

I have said this before and I will say it again; invest in a mobile-friendly user interface! Nothing makes mobile ads more effective than an easy to use, seamless mobile design.

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