The Screens Have Eyes: Capturing the Multi-Screen Audience


Over 70% of Americans have Internet access in their home, and over 80% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching television. That means that 100% of advertisers should be putting at least some of their advertising budget into digital advertising.

In fact, Nielsen and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) suggest putting at least 15% of your total advertising budget into digital, with some companies putting in as much as 60%.

Pre-roll ads (promotional videos, usually 10 to 15 seconds long, that play before an online video) can be a good place to start if you want to delve into digital. They are similar to traditional television ads and they are one of the most effective forms of online advertising – about 2.5 times more effective than banner ads.


Television’s gross rating points (GRPs) are not as effective in measuring the strength of an advertising campaign. With video advertising, you’ll know how many individuals saw the video (and how many times), which of those individuals went on to visit the site, and how they interacted with the site once they got there. You can even do A/B testing to identify which video drives greater engagement.


Television is like breaking open a piñata; some kids will get a lot of candy, and some kids won’t get any candy. Digital advertising is like walking around the party and handing out custom goodie bags, giving candy to those who want it.

Video advertising doesn’t focus on audience populations or Nielsen demographics (e.g., “females 18-24” or “males over 65”). Instead, you can target specific segments like “in-market auto shoppers” to show your ad to the most relevant audience.


Television commercials can cost up to $100 per thousand views. On the other hand, pre-roll video costs $35 per thousand views with Demand Local. Combined with targeted audience segments, you’re getting more bang for your buck and paying less.


When you go digital, there’s a lot less paperwork; if you already produced an awesome new advertising spot, simply send it to us and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need to spend extra money getting a new spot produced.


Television is no longer the only screen in someone’s home. “Screen-stacking,” or using a tablet, smartphone or other digital device while watching TV, is a behavior up to 56% of Americans engage in. Why not increase your exposure to them and consolidate your advertising efforts? Pre-roll ads can include desktop, mobile and tablet platforms to ensure brand consistency and maximum reach.

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