Want to boost revenue? Turn more anonymous website visitors into customers

Want to boost revenue? Turn more anonymous website visitors into customers

The purpose of a website is simple: provide users with information about your product or service. But there’s one big problem: Most visitors leave the site without engaging in any form of communication, let alone buying anything from you. What can be done?

Website visitor tracking reveals insights into the audiences that are visiting your site, and what they are interested in. This service may include a host of tools that vary in terms of capabilities and costs. And that’s why it’s so important to learn the best use cases and how you can utilize the intel from these tools to boost your bottom line.

Most marketers know that on average, 98% of visitors to your website are anonymous – you don’t have their contact information or really any information at all. However, how can you reach the huge chunk of potential buyers when they’re not even able to be contacted?

The most important thing about reaching out is knowing what people want and need in order for them to buy from us. This means understanding who they are as a person; where do they live? What age group do they fall into? These three things will help with knowing whether our product would work well with their lifestyle choices (e.g., location). It’s imperative we make it easy for customers by giving them multiple options so there isn’t any confusion.

Identity Resolution is a critical part of website visitor tracking because it confirms who’s clicking around and gives business owners the insights they need to design better experiences. Identity Resolution is a process where all the different identifiers and touchpoints of an individual are brought together to create one unified identity. You’ll be able to gain insights into who is engaging with your website. You can identify anonymous traffic and find out the demographics of users that visit your site without having to ask them personally. 

There is something to be said for the law of odds when you’re talking about your leads. It’s why so many businesses strive for overflowing databases with countless data points. However, even if you’re playing a numbers game, the majority of sales and marketing professionals agree that lead quality is still far more important.

With the right technology, you learn who your customers are and what they want. When it comes to the sales pipeline, there’s nothing more crucial than nurturing the relationship based on where the customer is and what they are looking for.

In the long run, it can also help you identify the trends that are driving user behavior, which can lead to more effective marketing strategies. For instance, let’s say more people in a community are buying pre-owned trucks in order to break into the moving industry. This can help owners strategize a campaign that speaks to customers on their level.

When you consider how many people might come to your site and how many times they need to visit before they make a final decision, tracking can be the pivotal link between you and your target customer. These tracking technologies have come a long way, and are continuing to evolve, but some are far more effective than others. Before you implement the wrong technology, it helps to have an expert weigh in on what’s best for your business.

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