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Lead generation for automotive has long been an imprecise science, a frustrating fact that many dealerships have simply learned to live with. With the advent of hyper-relevant and frictionless marketing solutions, we’re starting to see traditional limitations quickly fall away.

We’ll look at the details behind two popular strategies: automotive inventory ads and Facebook Lead Ads. See how these strategies work, and how they can be combined to capture genuine interest in your inventory all while reducing your cost-per-lead

Dynamic Inventory Ads

Dynamic inventory advertising creates more relevant interactions with the customer. With help from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the ads rely on web behavior to gauge a person’s interest level in a specific vehicle. The technology then shows the viewer either the exact vehicle they previously searched for or a similar vehicle from your dealership. 

So let’s say that a customer searches for a 2012 Toyota Camry on Google. If you have inventory that matches this description, the prospective customer might then see a targeted ad that displays your 2012 Camry at the top of an unrelated website. If a customer visits your Vehicle Description Pages, you can also use the information collected from your website to retarget their interest.

Inventory ads begin with uploading a list of current stock, one that can be filtered by make, model, and year. Instead of showing a 21-year-old bachelor different models of minivans, you’re showing him several stylish, reliable cars that are priced to sell. Once he’s hooked, an inventory ad makes it easy for him to remember that your dealership has what he’s looking for.

Facebook Lead Ads 

Facebook lead ads have been a stand-out tactic for advertisers, largely because the results have exceeded their expectations. This game-changer has quickly shifted how advertisers communicate with prospective customers on social media.

With Lead Ads, advertisers can benefit from native forms on Facebook. If someone clicks on the ad, the user is taken to a form where much of their information has already been completed. This is a powerful tool to have, largely because filling out basic details (e.g., name, email address, etc.) can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Facebook can reach interested parties across all devices, without a slow-down in loading pages. The algorithms shy away from general marketing and focus on a more curated experience. When it comes to cost-per-lead, the results speak for themselves. Advertisers across industries have seen a resounding response from customers, one that is well worth the investment. 

Combining the Two

Both of the above-mentioned strategies make it easier for dealerships to ‘stick’ in the minds of the customers, but more than that, it can actually motivate the customer to take the next step. This is because you’re concentrating on what you can do for the buyer and not the other way around. 

With inventory ads, you’re making the ad experience highly relevant to them. With Facebook Lead Ads, you’re dramatically enhancing the user experience to gather even more details about what the customer is looking for. You need both of these powerful features to level-up your automotive lead generation

Once a dealership has everything set-up, the strategy will run like a well-oiled lead generation machine, one that continuously delivers high-quality leads from people who are most likely to make a purchase. What’s more, the lead management is seamless as it can be easily integrated with the CRM that your sales team uses, and enables them to take action in real-time.

Start Improving Your ROI Today

If you’re looking for a higher ROI for every advertising dollar you spend, give Demand Local a call today. We’ve worked with a number of automotive dealerships to modernize their advertising and bring more customers to the proverbial table. We can show you how to integrate inventory ads with Facebook Lead Ads, so you spend less time pursuing cold leads and more time securing a loyal customer base. Inventory ads are proven to create a stronger level of engagement when compared to traditional ads. 

If you want to learn more about how you can seamlessly sync your CRM for higher conversions, give us a call or schedule a free consultation. Our expertise and experience is the key to getting your campaigns up and running (probably much sooner than you think).

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