What should be in your marketing reporting?


Data is arguably the most important resource to inform a marketing strategy. With the right set of reporting, you can effectively influence campaigns toward positive growth. Analytics can provide you with key insights that help you make the best choices to serve your business and customers. It’s essential to have a reliable platform for analytics and reporting. This is what will make your operating and gathering data that much more meaningful to the process.

Analytics can vary based on industry, business type, etc., so you’re better off adopting tools that were built specifically for auto dealerships. When it comes to driving automotive sales, it just makes sense to incorporate real-world attribution to your digital marketing campaigns. The number of showroom visits and even the number of vehicles moved are impactful metrics that can tie dollars spent on ads to revenue generated.

It’s equally important to incorporate web traffic, click-through-rates, and other digital attribution metrics as they are part of the customer journey that funnels into future sales. Walk-ins, leads, and conversions are some of the primary stepping stones that lead to the final purchase. It is necessary to take into account all types of metrics required to optimize campaigns at different stages of the funnel.

Look for an agency that provides a comprehensive list of metrics and allows you to customize based on your priorities. The more data and more insights you receive, the better your marketing will be. Periodical reporting is the baseline for all automotive dealerships, but you also need to have real-time access to data and a tailored dashboard that you can view at any time. This way, you can continue to learn from the campaigns and apply these lessons to each new strategy.

With rich, custom-made reporting, you can move your automotive advertising into the future. All it takes is having the right foundation in place. With so many marketing combinations out there, working with an innovative agency can be the key to staying ahead of the curve.

The right partner can help you figure out your optimal set of digital channels and appropriate KPIs, and build out custom dashboards that make reporting and analytics much more meaningful and valuable to your business. Are you interested in finding out how to make the best of reporting and analytics? Give us a call or write to us at info@demandlocal.com

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