Will Windows 10 Ramp Up Bing Ads?


Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 10 could be a big win for Bing, according to Bing Ads General Manager, David Pann, in a blog post highlighting the release. “We’re estimating query volume gains from 10% to 15% as early as September – not only from new users, but from existing Bing users who will now use Bing more frequently,” Pann wrote.

If Pann’s predictions pan out, now may be the time to give Bing advertising a try.

With Windows 10, Bing is pushed front and center. Users can access Bing via a task bar, instead of launching the browser, making the entire search experience feel more intuitive. Bing is also bundled with the voice assistant Cortana, so tasks and searches can be done hands-free. The additional exposure, combined with built-in search features, could fuel adoption.

The 2015 edition of AdGooroo’s “Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Metrics” report, showed that some advertisers in certain segments had higher click-through rates on Yahoo! Bing than on Google. A lower cost per click on the Yahoo! Bing Network was also highlighted (42% less than on Google in the categories studied).

Need another reason to consider revisiting your Bing budget? Low competition. With Google as the go-to search engine for advertising, competition is high. But if your competitors aren’t capitalizing on Bing, take this as an opportunity to dominate that space.

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